Your Melody - Glamrock Freddy x Reader - Chapter 24 - Pirates (2024)


Warning: Sad, kid with cancer, prosthetic limbs
The cozy cove was the perfect place for you and Alice to play. It had a ship, a lighthouse, cardboard cutouts of mermaids and octopus tentacles. It was even more perfect as you and Alice played Pirates. She was the famous Captain Thunderbolt, and you were the evil Miss Kraken. The story line was mad and jumbled, but it made Alice happy, so who cares.

She stood at the front of the pirate ship, pretending to give her driver the coordinates of their next location within the imaginary waters of the seven seas. Under both her arms she held a Chica and Monty plushy, both a gift from you. Were you allowed to give away free stuff... no, but she was too dang cute and her father just had enough money to keep her treatments going so why not bend the rules a little.

An hour had passed of you and Alice playing pirates. You and her were in a battle scene, both wielding wooden swords. Alice swungthe sword around wildly as a 7 year old would, with you pretending to attack back. The wooden sword hit your side and you fell on your knees, acting. The hit did hurt but you didn't mind. "Oh you got me. I, the great Kraken have been defeated!" You fell onto the floor in a dramatic pose. "Haha, got you!Got you!" Alice laughed.

She sat down next to your laying body and whispered to you, "are you dead?" "Well, I was just stabbed by the greatest pirate of the seven seas?" You replied, propping yourself up on your shoulders. Alice nodded. "Can I bring you back to life?" You giggled, sitting up. "Sure, if you want." With a smile, Alice got to her feet and faced you. "Then I grant you life. But you now owe me and must travel the seas with me!" Standing yourself, you saluted Alice, "aye, aye captain!"

"(Y/N)?" Your ears pricked up at the sound of your name. Turning around, you looked down and saw Freddy looking up at you confused. "Hey Freddy," you called back leaning on the railing of the boat. He smiled up at you. Next to you Alice looked down where you were looking. "Umm, who is it?," she asked nervous. "It's Freddy." "Oh. Does he wanna join?" You glaced back at Freddy and asked, "you wanna join in?" He nodded, "Sure... what are you playing?"

As he begun to climb up the stairs that led to the top of the boat Alice replied before you even opened your mouth. "Pirates. I'm captain Thunderbolt, she's Miss Kraken, and you'll be my second in command.... Scout! Who turned into a squid." She smiled evily. You held in a chuckle as Freddy replied "Yes captain." Alice walked to the front of the ship. She turned to freddy and pointed at him with her prosthetic arm and giggled, "no silly, squids can't talk." He looked at you as you snorted, holding onto the railing as you laughed your head off. Returning his attention to Alice he corrected himself, "Blub Blub."

For the rest of the day you, Freddy and Alice played pirates. There was a little break for her to eat pizza, but even then she kept her pirate voice. "Thank you for visiting Freddy Fazbear Pizzaplex. It is now closing time and the gang needs to rest. Please find your way to the exit and we will see you next time." The same monitone voice boomed on the intercom. "Awww," Alice whined, her shoulders slumping, "that sucks."

"Alice time to go!" Her dad called from the doorway of the cozy cove. With a sigh she yells, "comming." She faces the two if you with a sad smile. You grabbed her small hand and led her carefully down the ships stairs. Walking her to her father, he takes her hand. "Thank you. Both of you. You made her have the best biryhday." Alice nodds with a huge grin, "Yep! Thank you, thank you! I hope we can continue our game." She looks up at you and Freddy, her eyes sparkling. "Yes, sure we will. But next time I'm not tge squid, you can make (Y/N) the squid." Freddy snickered. "Hey, you fit being the squid perfectly." "I don't whether to take that as a compliment or-" Alice began laughing like crazy. "You two are so funny!"

Alice and her dad began making their way to the exit, with you and Freddy waving. When they were a few metres away Freddy jumped up. "Oh sugar cubes. I'll be right back." Before you could say any thing he ran towards Alice and her dad. You watched with curiosity as he spoke to them and handed then a card. He came running back to you. You tilted your head confused, "What did you give her?" "A ticket thats gets her a free gift of her choice." "Don't you need a special party pass for that?" He shrugged, "maybe." You smiled and gave him a light nudge, "look at you, breaking rules. Didn't know I fell for a bad boy." He chuckle and sent a wink, "there's lots you don't know about be butterfly." You blushed brightly and looked down at the floor trying to hide tour face. "Aww, are you blushing?" "What ever you say calamari." You snickered. "Strong words comming from an octopus." You corrected him. "A legendary octopus, escuse me."

You both stated at each other before giggling. He throws an arm over your shoulder as you began to walk to rockstar row. You smile drops a little along with your ears. "You think we will see her again?" Freddy's face fell, his ears flicking. He sighed and glaced at you from the side, his eyes shining with guilt. You alqays delt with this. Making a kids life, but never seeing them again as they most likely don't make it through life. "One can only hope."

You never did see her again. You could only hope she was happy and well. But when her guest profile was deleted from the Fazbear files, your hopes fell apart.

Your Melody - Glamrock Freddy x Reader - Chapter 24 - Pirates (2024)
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