New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (2024)

NASCAR Cup Series drivers are on the grid in Loudon, NH. New Hampshire Motor Speedway is set to host the USA Today 301.

View New Hampshire results for the NASCAR Cup Series below.

Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney set the front row. 301 laps of stock car racing are up next…

New Hampshire
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 70 (1-70 / 301)

Green flag, Elliott gets the jump and he’s clear before turn one. Christopher Bell takes over 2nd.

Lap 41, Bell is on the bumper of Elliott. He works inside, side by side for the lead. Bell drives it deep to the inside in turn three, clear. Christopher Bell takes the lead away.

Christopher Bell drives away to win stage one at NHMS!

New Hampshire Results (Stage 1) : 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Joey Logano; 3. Chase Elliott; 4. Ryan Blaney; 5. Josh Berry; 6. Martin Truex Jr; 7. Denny Hamlin; 8. Ross Chastain; 9. Tyler Reddick; 10. Alex Bowman;

New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (1)

New Hampshire
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 115 (71-185 / 301)

Green flag on stage two, Bell and Logano run side by side into turn one. Bell is back to the gas first and he wins the race off turn two.

Lap 100, Bell leads Truex Jr by 2.2 seconds.

Lap 125, green flag stops are underway. Many dive for the pit lane on the same lap. Bell pits from the lead on the following lap.

Lap 136, Todd Gilliland leads but he’s yet to pit. Bell runs 2nd but Truex Jr is all over his bumper.

Lap 137, Truex is to the gas first at the center of the corner. He works to the right rear of Bell off turn two. Truex Jr takes 2nd away.

Lap 142

Lap 142, Daniel Hemric spins and the caution is out.

Gilliland, Briscoe, Stenhouse Jr, McDowell and others have yet to pit. Alex Bowman is up in smoke under the caution.

Gilliland, Truex, Bell and most of the leaders head for the pit lane. However, Hamlin, Logano and LaJoie stay out. Truex Jr restarts 4th.

Green, Hamlin and Logano run side by side into turn one. Hamlin builds momentum around the outside lane, Hamlin clears him to hold the lead.

Lap 155, Kyle Busch gets up the track and tags Noah gragson. They both find the wall and the caution is out.

Green, Truex Jr has a look through the middle to make it three wide for the lead. Hamlin holds them off as Truex Jr takes over 2nd.

Denny Hamlin holds off Martin Truex Jr to win stage two at New Hampshire Motor Speedway!

New Hampshire Results (Stage 2) : 1. Denny Hamlin; 2. Martin Truex Jr; 3. Joey Logano; 4. Christopher Bell; 5. Ryan Blaney; 6. Todd Gilliland; 7. Kyle Larson; 8. Josh Berry; 9. Chase Elliott; 10. Ross Chastain

New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (2)

New Hampshire
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 116 (185-301 / 301)

Hamlin leads the field to the pit lane. Larson, Gilliland, Gragson, Cindric and Burton take just two tires. It’s a very slow stop for Truex Jr. Tyler Reddick and Michael McDowell stay out. Hamlin restarts 8th, the first with four fresh tires.

Green flag on stage three, Logano locks under braking into turn one and he chases it up the track into Elliott and the caution is out. Both cars have moderate damage.

Green, Reddick leads Larson off turn two.

Lap 201, Larson looks inside of Reddick, side by side for the lead. Corey LaJoie spins behind them, caution.

Green, Larson leans on the bumper of Reddick. He moves him up the track then makes it three wide for the lead with McDowell on his inside. Reddick holds him off for now.

94 to go

94 to go, Hamlin works inside of Larson in the battle for 2nd. Hamlin runs him wide and they rub doors! Hamlin runs him wide again, Hamlin to 2nd.

92 to go, Martin Truex Jr spins after contact with Brad Keselowski and he tags the outside wall, caution.

Green, Reddick is clear before turn one. Blaney and Hamlin rub doors for 2nd.

85 to go, Kyle Busch is around as they were four wide and ran out of room, caution.

The rain is falling at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The red flag is out.

Wet Weather Tires Installed

After a delay, the rain has stopped. NASCAR has now called this a wet race. Teams have installed wet weather tires and we’ll go racing in the wet for the first time on a 1-mile track.

Kyle Busch has crashed under caution. He slammed the wall after losing traction or a mechanical failure. Busch climbs from the car gets a tow.

Moments later, Corey LaJoie spins under caution.

Green, Reddick is clear into turn one.

70 to go, Bell clears Larson for 2nd. Drivers are all over the track as every lane is in use.

67 to go, Chastain spins from 6th in turn four. The caution is out.

Green, Reddick leads into turn one. He runs wide as Bell rolls around the apron and takes the lead off turn two. Bell to the lead.

53 to go, Larson leans on the bumper of Reddick in the battle for 2nd. Ryan Blaney works the outside lane and he swings around both of them. Blaney to 2nd.

46 to go, Corey LaJoie is around and in the wall. The caution is out.

Green, Bell leads Blaney and Larson off turn two.

37 to go

37 to go, Gragson spins with his tires on the wet paint. Austin Dillon, Bubba Wallace, Austin Cindric and Zane Smith are collected. The caution is out.

NASCAR is requiring teams to pit for a new set of wet weather tires.

Green, Bell leads as Larson and Blaney rub doors for 2nd. Blaney wins the battle for 2nd.

20 to go, Bell leads Blaney by 1 second.

18 to go

18 to go, Carson Hocevar spins, caution.

NASCAR is requiring teams to pit for a fresh set of wet tires. These are non-competitive pit stops.

Green with 9 to go, Bell leads into turn one. Michael runs wide as he loses traction. He drives into the side of Blaney. McDowell and Blaney spin, caution.

Green with 4 to go, Bell leads Berry off turn two.

3 to go, Brad Keselowski spins, caution.

Green in NASCAR Overtime, Bell gets the jump. Berry holds 2nd off turn two.

1 to go, Bell leads as Berry and Briscoe run side by side for 2nd.

Christopher Bell wins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway!

New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (3)

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Race Results
June 23, 2024
NASCAR Cup Series

Pos | Driver

1. Christopher Bell

2. Chase Briscoe

3. Josh Berry

4. Kyle Larson

5. Chris Buescher

6. Tyler Reddick

7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr

8. John Hunter Nemechek

9. Martin Truex Jr

10. Ross Chastain

11. Ryan Preece

12. Todd Gilliland

13. Erik Jones

14. Harrison Burton

15. Michael McDowell

16. Ty Gibbs

17. Carson Hocevar

18. Chase Elliott

19. Austin Cindric

20. Ty Dillon

21. Daniel Suarez

22. Kaz Grala

23. Corey LaJoie

24. Denny Hamlin

25. Ryan Blaney

26. William Byron

27. Noah Gragson

28. Brad Keselowski

29. Justin Haley

30. Zane Smith

31. Daniel Hemric

32. Joey Logano

33. Austin Dillon

34. Bubba Wallace

35. Kyle Busch

36. Alex Bowman

New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (4)
NASCAR Cup Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points | Wins | Playoff Points

1. Kyle Larson
3 Wins | 23PP

2. Christopher Bell
3 Wins | 22PP

3. Denny Hamlin
3 Wins | 19PP

4. William Byron
3 Wins | 16PP

5. Tyler Reddick
1 Win | 8PP

6. Ryan Blaney
1 Win | 7PP

7. Austin Cindric
1 Win | 7PP

8. Chase Elliott
1 Win | 6PP

9. Brad Keselowski
1 Win | 5PP

10. Daniel Suarez
1 Win | 5PP

11. Martin Truex Jr

12. Ross Chastain

13. Ty Gibbs

14. Alex Bowman

15. Chris Buescher

16. Joey Logano

— Playoff Cutline —

17. Bubba Wallace

18. Chase Briscoe

19. Kyle Busch

20. Josh Berry

New Hampshire
Video Highlights

New Hampshire Motor Speedway|NASCAR


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New Hampshire Results: June 23, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series) - Racing News (2024)
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