Gold Necklace | GlamrockFoxy X Reader - 13. Bryon (2024)


The next morning when we woke up, I smelled the scent of eggs being cooked in the kitchen.

I stretched and got up, I had to get used to wearing warmer clothes now for this hot weather. I got used to wearing sweaters most days.

The white door of my bedroom creaked open before I could even reach it, "ooh good! Your awake." Hailey smiled at me, her freckles more prominent, probably because of the warmer weather.

"Yeah, the smell of your cooking woke me up." I smiled at her and she walked to the kitchen with me, a plate already served up and ready with a tall glass of ice cold orange juice beside it.

Wow.. she really knew how to be a mother to me. So sweet🥹

I sat down at the island on a cute little bench and began to eat my breakfast and scrolled on my phone. "Thanks for the food by the way hails." I said, focusing on my phone, not noticing I had called her a nickname.

She looked over and smiled warmly, setting her plate beside mine then, "yeah of course!" She said cheerfully and poured herself some orange juice too then and sat down beside me.

"Oh sh*t.. I have work today!?" I said out loud as my dad messaged me, asking what time I was gonna come in.

She looked over to me and raised a brow, "you need a ride?" She asked.

"No, thank you.. I just need to finish eating quickly!" I said and hurridley shoved the eggs and bacon into my mouth and chugged the orange juice.

I stood up from my seat and ran to my room, looking for some shorts and a tanktop to wear, then I hurried to the bathroom and got ready quickly in there too.

After running through the wooden floors of the wood beach house, I ra past Hailey to the front door, "bye Hailey! Thanks for breakfast!" I jumbled my words into one, grabbing my helmet beside the door on the floor and slammed the door behind me.

I turned on my motorcycle with a hum and shifted gears, driving out of the driveway..

Or at least I would have driven out of the drive way, but as I wasn't paying attention, I almost hit a person walking on the side walk!

I quickly hit the breaks with a screech and flicked my visor up, "I am so sorry!" I apologized.
The guy looked at me and smiled, "don't worry about it." He said.

That's when I realized it was the same guy I made eye contact with yesterday when I was first arriving.

"Oh.. it's you.." I said out loud, feeling a bit embarrassed for speaking my realization to him.

He laughed a little, "yeah, it's me. I recognize you. Your that biker chick I saw yesterday right?" He smiled, tucking his hands into the pockets of his pants.

"Yeah, that was me.. I'm heading to work now.. I'm sorry, I'd talk more though." I frowned.

"No worries, you good. Mind if I get your number though?" He asked, pulling his phone out hesitantly, waiting for me to respond.

He was so sweet, wow..

I nodded and took it from him, our fingers brushing against each other's, although all he felt was the rough material of my biker gloves I wore.

I typed in my number into his phone with my name and handed it back to him, "here. What was your name again?" I tilted my head at him a md flicked my visor down.

"It's Bryon." He smiled and held out his hand for me to shake, I nodded and took his as he glanced down at his phone.

"Nice to meet you, y/n." He smiled and looked back up and tucked his phone back into his pocket.

I smiled back, although he couldn't see because of my helmet.

"See you around, Bryon." I said as he nodded and waved, walking down the sidewalk.

I sighed for a moment, watching him walk off until he was finally out of view, I shook my head and realized I was daydreaming too long and running way too late!

I hurried off on my motorcycle to the new location of Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza Plex.

🩷🫶🏼Short chapter but I'm trying to ease into my fnaf stories again lol because I had a fixation on spiderman atsv for a bit and began making a draft for that but then it went away and now I'm back into my fixation with Hazbin hotel😩. Being in multiple fandoms is too stressful lmaooo, anyways, be safe and luv u guys!!🩷🫶🏼

Gold Necklace | GlamrockFoxy X Reader - 13. Bryon (2024)
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