Dina Shihabi - Boyfriend, Baby Father, Ethnicity and Net Worth (2024)

Dina Shihabi is a Saudi Arabian actress who has been working in the United States for over a decade. After moving to the US in 2007, Dina studied acting before landing an acting role. She is best known for playing Hanin Suleiman inJack Ryan. In 2023, she is coming with a Netflix series, Painkiller.

Shihabi is notorious for keeping her love life under the media radar. So, let’s find out about her love life and boyfriend, children, and her career, net worth, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Dina Shihabi is a Saudi Arabian-born actress who has been working in the United States for over a decade.
  • She welcomed her first child in 2023, however, she didn’t reveal the name of her child’s father.
  • A lot of sources claim she is dating Suicide Squad actor Jai Courtney.
  • Shihabi has worked in a number of famous series and in 2023, she is coming with a new Netflix series, Painkiller.
  • Dina has earned well from her acting career, as of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Who is Dina Shihabi Boyfriend? Is it Jai Courtney?

Well, Saudi-American actress, Shihabi has always been secretive about her boyfriend and relationship details. Even though she frequently shares her professional endeavors on social media, she rarely spills the bean on her private life.

Nevertheless, a couple of sources do suggest she is dating Australian actor, Jai Courtney, with whom she even welcomed a child. But this information too seems far-fetched given that both of them have not said anything on this matter.

Although they have appeared on their respective social media profile thanks to co-starring in the series Catching Dust, they have not mentioned each other as their lovers.

A Magazine revealed that Dina was Pregnant

As we said above, Dina is an incredibly private lady. So much so that she didn’t even mention she was pregnant. The big news was first revealed by Vogue Arabia that the Jack Ryan starlet is pregnant with her first child.

The news was revealed by the magazine in mid-June 2023 through an Instagram post. The actress also shared the post on her account as well. Naturally, many of her fans congratulated her for the upcoming arrival of her child while many of them were also curious to know about her baby father.

Dina Shihabi - Boyfriend, Baby Father, Ethnicity and Net Worth (1)

Dina hasn’t revealed anything regarding who she is expecting her first child with. As of now, we can only hope she will reveal her partner soon to the public. That being said, a handful of sources do suggest her baby dad is Jai.

What Does Dina Say About Her Pregnancy?

Shihabi has talked in detail about her pregnancy and her journey to motherhood with Vogue Arabia for its June 2023 edition. In the interview, she said she was super excited to experience motherhood. She said,

It felt very natural to me to have a baby and a decision that has brought more love into my life than I ever could have imagined.

The actress added,

I have so much more to give now as a woman, partner, mother, and artist.”

Dina Welcomed her Child in 2023

After much anticipation, the part-Arab actress welcomed her first baby in June 2023. The gorgeous actress didn’t reveal the gender of her kid. In fact, she didn’t even mention she has become a parent in the first place.

Well, we wish her good luck in her new journey of parenting.

Dina Learned Dancing and Acting

When Dina started living in Dubai, she got a chance to take dance lessons from Sharmila Kamte at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center. Besides, while studying at Dubai American Academy, Shihabi performed in a number of school plays. After seeing her acting skills, one of her teachers, Nancy Mock advised her to pursue an acting career.

She eventually moved to the USA to pursue an acting career in 2007. There she studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for two years. Afterward, she also enrolled at NYU Tisch School for the Arts, however, she didn’t complete her graduation.

Dina Shihabi is of Mixed Ethnicity

Born on September 21, 1989, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Shihabi has a mixed ethnical heritage of Arab and European. As a matter of fact, Dina herself considers herself Arab European as her father, Ali Shihabi is of Saudi and Norwegian descent while her mother, Nadia has Palestinian, German, and Haitian ancestry.

Dina’s father is a former banker and commentator on Saudi politics. Regarding her upbringing, Shihabi was raised in her native Saudi Arabia, Beirut, and Dubai.

Her Career Highlights

Shihabi landed her first acting role in the 2011 filmDavidin which she portrayed a small role of Aishah. Her first major role came in 2014, as Amira Jafari in the romantic comedy, Amira & Sam. Her breakout role came in the first season of the 2018 series Jack Ryanwhere she played Hanin Suleiman.

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Later, in 2022, she portrayed Melody Pendras inArchive 81. In 2023, she played Lena in Showtime’s four-part espionageGhosts of Beirut. And Most recently, she has portrayed Britt Hufford in the series, Painkiller. In the series, Dina has worked alongside John Ritter’s son Tyler, Taylor Kitsch, Jack Mulhern, Carolina Bartczak, and Matthew Broderick who is worth $220 million among others.

Net Worth in 2023

Dina Shihabi has a net worth of $2 million as of 2023. She primarily earns her fortune from her acting career while her wealth is also boosted by promotions and brand endorsem*nts. She has had over one decade of acting experience, during which she has portrayed a number of major roles, so it is not uncommon that Shihabi has a couple of millions in net worth.

Dina Shihabi - Boyfriend, Baby Father, Ethnicity and Net Worth (2024)
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